“Slovenia sent Croatia a protest note on Tuesday over a Croatian court’s decision that Slovenia’s Ljubljanska Banka has to pay the principal and interest on transferred Yugoslav-era foreign currency savings in one of the dozens of such cases under way in Croatia.

According to the April 10 ruling, the defunct Ljubljanska Banka’s Zagreb branch and the Nova Ljubljanska Banka must pay €222,426 ($260,779) in principal as well as interest and legal costs in one of the cases, Slovenia’s Foreign Ministry said.

The verbal note delivered to the Croatian Embassy in Ljubljana says the continuation of the legal proceedings was a violation of international agreements between the two countries, such as the agreement on succession to the former Yugoslavia, as well as the 2013 Mokrice Memorandum, signed before Croatia’s accession to the EU by the then Prime Ministers Zoran Milanovic of Croatia and Janez Jansa of Slovenia.” (N1)