“European Parliament’s rapporteur for Bosnia and Herzegovina Cristian Preda presented the 2018 Draft Report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs on Bosnia and Herzegovina based on the European Commission’s 2018 report on Bosnia. The Draft expresses concerns over the slowdown in the pace of reforms and adds suggestions for further work.

The Committee welcomed the submission of Bosnia’s answers to the European Commission’s questionnaire and calls on Bosnia to respond to the follow-up questions in a timely manner in order to contribute to the Commission’s opinion on Bosnia’s application for EU membership.

The Committee expressed concerns about the marked slowdown in the pace of reforms due to disagreements between parties and the pre-electoral campaign that started very early.

They stressed their regret that no compromise has been reached with regard to changes to the electoral legislation required to implement the Constitutional Court decision in the Ljubic case on the election of the members of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity House of Peoples and they urge all political leaders to show responsibility and swiftly amend the electoral framework in order to ensure smooth implementation of the results of the elections.” (N1)