“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan opened on Tuesday a new natural gas pipeline running from Azerbaijan to the south of Europe via Anadolu, thus reducing the European dependence on Russian gas supply.

‘Trans Anadolu pipeline’ (TANAP) with an estimated cost of 8.5 billion dollars is one of the central infrastructural installations Erdoğan opens ahead of an early election scheduled for June 24.

The presidents of Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Serbia, Ilham Aliyev, Petro Poroshenko and Aleksandar Vucic respectively, joined Erdoğan at the opening ceremony in the town of Eskişehir in central Turkey.

Vucic said his presence at the opening ceremony in Turkey was proof of good relations between the two countries.

‘We admire President  Erdoğan for doing some things for his nation and his country. Under your leadership Turkey will have good relations not only with Azerbaijan but with Serbia as well,’ Vucic told the gathering. ” (N1)