“Members of the Russian ‘Night Wolves’ started their bikers’ tour with political motives, called the ‘Russian Balkans,’ and tomorrow they can be expected in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which disturbs the majority of citizens.

Bosnia and Herzegovina authorities earlier described this group as a security threat, and the leader of ‘Night wolves’ Alexander Zaldostanov and member Sasa Savic were banned from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina.
According to the announcement, the tour should take nine days and intend to visit Belgrade, Novi Sad, Valjevo, Krusevac, Nis, Jagodina, Kragujevac and the White Church in Serbia, as well as Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Brcko and Doboj in Bosnia and Herzegovina.Participants of the race, which runs from March 19 to March 28, have to cross more than 2,000 kilometers across Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit monasteries, cultural monuments and memorial buildings to Russian and Serbian soldiers.

The President of the Federation of Motor-Tourism of Russia, Yevgeny Strogov, described this tour as a cultural and historical trip, aimed at bringing Russian citizens and inhabitants of the Balkans closer together. Stroud told Sputnik that the BiH authorities ‘misrepresented and carried out propaganda.’

‘Our event is open to all, not organized by the Night Wolves, but by the Federation of Motorcycle Tourism of Russia, everyone can participate regardless of their nationality and gender. Our main topic on this trip is Orthodoxy and we want to see as many Russians as possible acquainted Serbia and other Orthodox countries,’ Strogov told Sputnik.” (translated from Klix)