“Eleven police officers who acted unprofessionally during the violence in the Parliament on April 27 have been fired, confirmed the Interior Ministry.

According to unofficial information from the Interior Ministry, disciplinary proceedings are being conducted against other officers.

Most of those laid off are employed in the Sixth Directorate of the Interior Ministry for the provision of important people and objects.  The proceedings took place photos were seen of the police doing nothing  while lawmakers Krsto Mukoski and Sasho Vasilevski opened parliamentary doors to let the protesters enter. Among those who lost their jobs is former head of the internal security of the Parliament and former security chief of the then parliament speaker Trajko Veljanovski. Security personnel claimed that they had no legal ability to intervene against MPs.

Minister Oliver Spasovski said there are 42 police officers suspended and disciplinary proceeding against 70 at a recent press conference.” (translated from mkd.mk)