“Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska (BiH) Zeljka Cvijanovic met today in Washington with the head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for BiH Nadeem Ilahi on the eve of the Executive Board of the IMF, which will be held on 9 February.

The interlocutors pointed out the necessity of preserving the arrangement with regard to its relationship with the reform agenda, but also the challenges that carries an election year, it was announced from the Government Bureau for Public Relations during the meeting.

Cvijanovic, on behalf of the Government of Republika Srpska, expressed willingness to continue to fulfill terms of the letter of intent and expressed the expectation that in the same way behave other levels of government.” (translated from Nezavisne)

Cvijanovic is in the United States for the National Congress Dinner and is expected to meet with representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church.