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Largest Croatian War GamesNetwork54

Largest Croatian War Games

“‘Velebit 18 – Joint Force’ – a comprehensive, joint, interservice exercise of all units of the Croatian Armed Forces – began today at the barracks ‘Josip Jović’. The exercise will last continuously for 72 hours and will be conducted at 11 locations throughout Croatia.” (Croatia Week)

Podgorica Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

Podgorica Raises Awareness of Breast Cancer (VIDEO)

Events to raise breast cancer awareness took place in the Montenegrin capital, Podgorica, on October 13. Members of the Balkan country’s national rugby team joined a symbolic sprint race on heels called In Her Shoes. In Montenegro’s estimated population of 630,000, some 350 women are diagnosed with breast […]

Slovenia Invests in Female EntrepreneursPhoto: Slovenia Times

Slovenia Invests in Female Entrepreneurs

“More than 1,500 Slovenian women have benefited from a governmental financial support program designed for unemployed women. Called Entrepreneurship Is Female, the program has helped 90 per cent of participants to start their own business.” (Emerging Europe)

Covic Demands Change to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Election Law

“The absolute condition for the formation of power at the state and entity level in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) entity is the change to the state Election Law, said Dragan Covic, the leader of the nationalist Croat Democratic Union (HDZ BiH), in his first statement […]

US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Hits Out at Covic

US Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina Hits Out at Covic

“The Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina told us that the timely formation of the authorities was the responsibility of the elected officials of Bosnia and Herzegovina  in order to ensure the country’s continued stability and adopt the reforms necessary for BiH’s European integration. […]

Mayor of Vukovar: Establish War Crimes CourtPhoto: Romulic and Stojcic

Mayor of Vukovar: Establish War Crimes Court

“Thousands of people gathered in the Vukovar city centre today at the invitation of Mayor Ivan Penava to call attention to the fact that Croatian institutions have made little progress in prosecuting war crimes from the 1990’s. The central square in Vukovar was filled with numerous citizens of […]

Kosovo to Replace Interior MinisterPhoto: Our Wonderland

Kosovo to Replace Interior Minister

“Behgjet Pacolli’s party Alliance New Kosova (AKR), the junior party in the ruling coalition, in unexpected move on Monday has decided to replace minister of Integral Affairs, Bejtush Gashi, only five months after his appointment. The AKR proposed Ekrem Mustafa as new minister of Interior who has to […]

Kosovo Opposition Calls for Elections, then Dialogue with SerbiaPhoto: EPA / Valdrin Xhemaj

Kosovo Opposition Calls for Elections, then Dialogue with Serbia

“Democratic League of Kosovo whip, Avdullah Hoti declared today that dialogue with Serbia should continue once general elections are held. ‘First we should hold elections and then continue with dialogue. Only a legitimate government could produce institutional stability and would prevent all the geo-political threats being made on […]

Macedonian MPs Gear Up for Vote on NamePhoto: AP/Boris Grdanoski

Macedonian MPs Gear Up for Vote on Name

“In a vote with repercussions for the stability of one of Europe’s most conflict-prone regions, MPs in Macedonia are poised to decide on Monday whether to accept changing the Balkan country’s name. The country’s prime minister, Zoran Zaev, is locked in battle to secure the requisite support, and the MPs’ […]